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These links are selected to give you a quick connection to important search engines and examples of how search engines work.

Find your stock pictures at A-Z Fotos. Stock photography online.

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Education for teachers and other interested, mainly in new teaching methods and in Environmental Education.

Marketing and website promotion for the home business and for the small business.

Nature and wildlife - birds

Photography for professionals and amateurs.

Stock photography with stock pictures from many places of the World.

Surgery and other kinds of medical treatment.

Tourist and travel information about different countries with pictures.

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The successful websites from Ken Evoy, inventor of the Site Build-it approach to affiliate marketing success

Examples of the search engine Google

Google Search 1 (azf)

Google Search 2

Google Search 3


Examples of Yahoo directory

Yahoo search 1 (sb)

Yahoo search 2 (a-z f)

Yahoo search 3 (bf)

Yahoo search 4 (b + ee)


Examples of Open Directory Project search 1 (azf) search 2 (me) 3 search (vb)


Examples of MNS search engine

MSN search 1 (azf)

MSN search 2 (azf)

MSN search 1 (sb)


Examples of Altavista search engine results

Altavista search 1 (azf)

Altavista search 2 (azf)

Altavista search 3 (sb)

Altavista search 4 (sb)


Image search engines, examples

Google image search 1 (azf)

Google image search 2 (azf)

Google image seach 3 (azf)


Altavista Image search 1 (azf)

Altavista image search 2 (azf)