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Travel is a fundament in modern times – and was in fact the same in the life of former times whatever it was in Asia, Europe, the Pacific, Africa or the Americas when we reflect more on the history. Even in Greenland travel was a very important part of life and survival.

What distinguish modern times’ travelling activities from older days of travelling is the opportunity for many more common people to experience other parts of the word through travelling with air crafts. More or less every nationality has its own national flight carrier company of which most have been partly privatized in later decades - and even a number of companies have had to shut down during the crisis now or earlier crisis new companies have been established.

The establishment especially of discount carriers has widened the field of flying opportunities further and helped hundreds of thousands of customers to be transported to far away countries and back again. Not least the many guest workers from Asia have benefited from the cheaper access to overseas flights. Asia travel is a growing area of business and activity.

In fact the growing number of the population in Asian countries with a middle class income level makes the travel marked skyrocket as these Asian people of cause enjoy to experience the world outside their country or prefer to go as tourists in their own country for example as Chinese travels

For tourists and business travellers to find good hotels to the right price has to be a concern of most of us. You can use the different travel agencies and go for Agora Travel or you can go for different websites that provide overviews of hotels and other kinds of accommodation in world cities, like Bangkok hotels , Paris hotels or the hotels in Copenhagen .

When you search for hotels in another country don’t forget to search for sightings and many other kinds of stimulating experience in the country. When visiting Paris it is obvious to be interested in Paris travel guide info– and read more about Paris attractions below - but don’t forget to visit the many smaller countries like with a travel to Iceland or to Denmark (local national name Danmark).

I have always been a big fan of travelling in North America because of the convenience of being a traveller or tourist in this big part of the world, and because of the friendliness of people in general and then of cause because of the wonderful landscape. And nowhere is the landscape more attractive than when you become a tourist in Alaska . Well, well, - I know the attractions of California as well with the unique national parks and the attractive cities and costal scenery so to be a tourist in California is also a must.

In the climate zones outside the wet tropics – and even there – we should be careful with the timing of our visit as every season has its own characteristic and some seasons might be much more attractive then others for the foreign visitor. In North America especially the time of the autumn in some areas are stunning with the colourful fall foliage of the aspen trees and other forested areas on hill sides. If you are preparing the travel to US you might want some insight information about the society of less obvious issues like you can find here in Your USA .

This is very much in contrast to the life and situation in a small African country like Sierra Leone in West Africa with a population of just around 5 millions of which many are still experiencing severe poverty and health problems, too little education and schooling etc. so not much energy to just go as a tourist for the common man.

As a lucky man myself concerning the opportunity to travel about the world during my long life I have visited all these countries and many more, but I cannot stop underscoring the enjoyment of visiting smaller islands often far away from the mainland. I cannot get enough of island vacation tips for new visits to remote islands or for the revisit to islands I have been visiting years ago. Island vacation could be in focus for decades with new overwhelming experience ahead for decades for every world traveller.

Among the many kinds of specialised trips and tour offers for special interest groups I think safari trips are among the most attractive kinds of wildlife tours. For us in Europe the African safary is the archetype of a safari in our minds. The many tour operators that offer safari trips are often very specialized agencies and often funded by a single man with a special interest and experience is going on wildlife safari for example in South Africa or in one of the East African countries.

In my opinion camping safaris are among the best offers to give you life experience of the African bush and its amazing array of fascinating animals – big game as well as small game and not to mention the birdlife of the bush. Especially bird species living on some of the isolated mountains in Africa are in danger of extinction. Endangered species of birds are in general a concern we should share.

We should also mention the importance of going on safari for the benefit of the survival of these extraordinaire animals and ecosystems. By giving work to local people we are at the same time supporting wildlife and the local population that might be in great need for making a decent living.

Paris attractions- The Parisian Monuments you must see

Paris is very popular throughout the world for its beauty and the multiplicity of its monuments. It is one of the most photographed places in the world. Some of the monuments of Paris are seen on movies, televisions, and magazines. Each time I see or read anything about Paris, I am always think back to my visits to the Eiffel tower. But there are many other must-see places in Paris that are worth visiting. I like the places that have stories to tell like; the palaces, churches, archways, towers, bridges, and fountains are the extraordinary collection of attractions that move everyone back in time.

As mentioned the Eiffel Tower is just one of the popular monuments of Paris. A list of the most popular monuments of Paris could look like: Notre-Dame de Paris, Sacré- Cceur de Montmarte, Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower), Arc de Triomphe, Sainte, Chapelle, Musée du Louvre, Moulin Rouge, Versailes Palace, and many more. During night time, magic takes over the city when the monuments are illuminated.

You will fell romance in the air along the Port Neuf, a quiver in the catacombs or an exotic mood at the Mosque. This is one of the reasons why many newly-weds spend their honeymoons in Paris- the romantic ambiance. You can always come to visit Paris with your loved ones and experience the romantic environment no matter how long you have been together.

Paris is also a mix of atmosphere and cultures. All the monuments of Paris relate to the thousands of years of the capital’s history; from the must-see to the more remarkable. Most of the monuments of Paris are open on weekends but close on one weekday and holidays. They usually open late one evening a week. Guided tours must book in advance and special discounts for children and groups.

Paris is a beautiful city with magnificent museums and monuments to surely keep the tourists enjoy walking around. The extraordinary sculpture on the façade of a building is enough to catch your attention. One is definitely not enough to visit and see all the museums and monuments of Paris.

If you have a chance to visit Paris, make sure you have with you your camera and take pictures on all the beautiful sights you will come across, especially the monuments of Paris which are world renown for its magnificence. Even the Parisians are worth taking pictures for they are reliably stylish, and they add beauty to the place. Let your friends see that you really have been in the City of Light.






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